Press coverage (English) in exBerliner, Art Berlin ("Top Exhibitions, April 2016”), Frieze and others; (German) Der Tegesspiegel, Suddeutsches Zeitung, Wired, Neues Deutschland, Deutschland Radio, and others; (Polish) Dwutygodnik magazine; and several others internationally.

“Standardized world in which the desire for self-creation gives way to the desire of security and control is perhaps convenient, this convenience comes at a price...”

Original text: Ustandaryzowany świat, w którym pragnienie autokreacji ustępuje miejsca pragnieniu bezpieczeństwa i kontroli, jest być może wygodny, ta wygoda ma jednak swoją cenę

Dwutygodnik, April 2016, Niewidzialne fronty (Invisible Frontlines)

“Nervous Systems” at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW), curated by Anselm Franke, Stephanie Hankey, and Marek Tuszynski, explores the models and modes of algorithmic governance, to describe a world of biometric analyses and pattern recognition, which fully captures and profiles its users to place financial wagers on their near and far futures.

The problem of political agency is here reconceptualized as a problem of representation: the vectors of our digital infrastructure do not lend themselves to pictorial capture, in order to render the world intelligible we need a different set of intellectual tools.”

WDW Review, July 2016: Can the Cultural Logic of the Digital Era be Exhibited? A tale of two shows

“Through a pretty didactic, interactive, aesthetic and political approach, Nervous Systems enables the average person to become familiarized with this new and omnipresent reality driven by data analysis, reality mining, pattern recognition and forecasting.”

aqnb, April 2016, No Human is a Data Island

“The exhibition is not only for nerds and cool start start-up kids, but for anyone who is interested in our present age of rapid transformation, which constantly appears to be waving back at us from the future.”

Original text: Wunderbar geeignet ist die Ausstellung nicht nur für grüblerische Nerds und coole Start- up-Kids, sondern für alle, die Lust auf das Befragen einer rapide sich transformierenden Gegenwart haben, die uns alle paar Minuten schon aus der Zukunft zuzuwinken scheint.

Tagesspiegel, March 2016, Data Detox

“The 'Nervous Systems' exhibition at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin offers an impressive journey through the world of the systemic recording of human behavior, and the effects this monitoring has had on us.”

Original text: Die Ausstellung "Nervöse Systeme" im Berliner Haus der Kulturen der Welt bietet nun eine eindrucksvolle Reise durch die Welt der systematischen Erfassung menschlichen Verhaltens und der Rückwirkung dieser Beobachtung auf uns.

Süddeutsche Zeitung, March 2016, Verhalten Sie sich ganz normal! (Just behave normally!)

“What are the consequences of our daily life being more and more controlled by algorithms? How does it change our behaviour if we are caught up in a feedback loop about what we are doing and how it relates to what others are doing? Does this contributed to more pressure towards a normalized behaviour? These are just some of the questions that come to mind wandering around the densely packed space. You have to bring enough time when you visit “Nervous systems” – it is easy to spend the whole day watching the video works and reading the text panels.”

Furtherfield, April 2016, Nervous Systems – Algorithms and our everyday life

“...Nervous Systems, is a thoughtfully curated, informative, and experimental reminder that we’ve only just begun scratching the surface. Thank co-curators Stephanie Hankey and Marek Tuszynski of Berlin's Tactical Technology collective, who've been dealing in matters of surveillance and transparency. Together with HKW's Anselm Franke, they've put together a fascinating new group exhibition on the socio-political history of big data and its dizzying implications.”

exBerliner, March 2016, Nervous Systems: Big issues with big data