The Nervous Systems exhibition at the HKW included a packed programme of workshops, talks, and guided tours, led by a selection of special guests. Below is our interview series with some of these interesting people.


#1 Malte Spitz, Berlin-based author, activist and politician. In this interview he talks about how it felt to present his own documents, displayed in a drawer in the White Room.

#2 Katarzyna Szymielewicz of the Panoptikon Foundation. "This narrative that that exhibition shows, actually touches people emotionally. And that's, for me - as the activist and human rights lawyer - that's the key.

#3 Julian Oliver, critical Engineer and artist from New Zealand, based in Berlin. His project Newstweek, created in collaboration with Danja Vasiliev in 2011, is on display in the White Room. In this interview, Julian talks about his workshop "The Transparency Grenade", as well as "Newstweek", the "Critical Engineering Manifesto", and other things.

#4 Matthias Spielkamp, co-founder and publisher of; chief editor of; and board member of Reporters without Borders' German chapter. In this interview, he focuses on some of the pieces that made an impression on him and his audience: the "Dinner Scene", the "Assange Room", and the "Data Truth" triangulation.

#5 Sascha Pohflepp, artist, researcher and writer. In this interview he discusses his piece "Buttons" which is featured in the White Room, the role of images in networked societies and the past, present and future of photography and image-making.

#6 Wolfgang Kalek is a German lawyer and the General Secretary of the Berlin-based ECCHR, the European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights. He was invited to host a tour of Nervous Systems, and we interviewed him afterwards.

#7 Ruben is a member of the PENG! collective. We interviewed him after his "How to bust evil with a smile" workshop.

#8 Stephanie Hankey in conversation with Paolo Antonelli